Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Project and Program Management

Robust project management is an essential component in successfully delivering investment outcomes. At Creative Resolution we integrate project and program management methodologies, tools and skill sets to better achieve project outcomes. Whether it’s for a small project or a large program of projects, at Creative Resolution we have the skills necessary to deliver outcomes for our clients.

Project Directorship

The Project Director role provides the strategic direction and overall management responsibility for projects and programs of work, continually focusing on actions to deliver all the client's objectives and the integration of the project into the client’s business.

When we are appointed in the project director role Creative Resolution facilitates high level client liaison and are responsible for managing multi-discipline teams so as to achieve project objectives safely, on time and budget and to the required level of quality.

Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Project Leadership

Projects are delivered through teams. Therefore to ensure successful project outcomes requires a carefully selected, well managed and effective team. At Creative Resolution we provide clarity of objectives, define clear goals and responsibilities, and ensure good communication and collaboration so as to enable the most effective delivery on projects.

Project Integration

The project integration process undertaken at Creative Resolution includes the development and management of the following activities:

  • Develop project brief
  • Develop project management plan
  • Direct and manage project execution
  • Monitor and control project work
  • Perform integrated change control and
  • Close project or phase of works

Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies examine options for achieving an agreed set of service or business outcomes, then determining the most appropriate implementation option by using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. They include high level issues and can extend down to specific options to be analysed.

Scope Management

Ensuring that the client’s needs are fully reflected in the project brief is a key step in the establishment of projects. At Creative Resolution we have the experience to work with clients in developing the brief and services specifications which not only reflect the needs of the assets to be developed but also how these integrate into the clients business needs, systems and organisation structures.

We also have the skills, ability and systems to manage the scope through the design and implementation phases, so as to prevent scope creep, additional cost and/or program issues.

Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Client Representative

In all our projects we act as the Client's representative. We define the brief for developments, co-ordinate all the necessary professionals in order to bring about projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

At Creative Resolution we work with the Client to establish their requirements and objectives together with all time and cost restraints

Cost Management

Cost Management embraces a range of techniques essential to all phases of a project life cycle – from providing reliable information for strategic decision-making during the feasibility and design stages, to managing construction and maintenance costs.

Quality Management

Quality Management is the formal process of ensuring that the project outputs are delivered fit-for-purpose. At Creative Resolution this is achieved through our project management process by developing quality criteria for the outputs and ensuring that all project management processes are conducted in a consistent manner.

Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Risk Management

All projects carry an inherent risk. The Project Manager’s responsibility is to manage risk during the project life cycle and at Creative Resolution we utilise a structured approach to identifying, analysing and managing risk.

Procurement Strategies & Management

At Creative Resolution our approach to procurement is focused on understanding the client's desired risk allocation and project objectives such that these can be applied throughout the whole design and implementation phases. This ensures integration which maximise the outcomes for the client.

We are able to apply a range of expertise to analyse different procurement models and subsequently establish the most appropriate procurement strategy to reflect the client's needs and project objectives.

Our systems enable us to manage the whole procurement process from specification and scope definition, contract and risk conditions, tendering reviewing and managing the delivery to ensure that clients get what they have paid for.

Scope of Services Creative Resolution

Value Management

Our approach in value managing outcomes for projects is to critically review each system and component part of the design and, working with the design team, to identify alternatives which offer the best available value to the building client, while maintaining the integrity and functionality of project brief and design intent.

FF&E and OS&E Procurement Consultancy

Creative Resolution manages the procurement of all FF&E and OS&E components of the Project on behalf of our Clients.

Advisory Services

At Creative Resolution we compliment are core services with a range of advisory activities.