Our Approach Creative Resolution

We manage your projects through well defined and structured project phases and we understand that forward project planning enables value adding to project.

Our Approach Project Management

Key project management tools:

  • Scope management to ensure that the project parameters are carefully controlled a project brief is developed and managed throughout the project phases.
  • Time management – controlling the overall delivery to meet the business needs.
  • Cost management and budgetary control – so that overall project meets the financial and investment criteria.
  • Quality management – to ensure that the processes and products meet the stated requirements of the project.
  • Human resource management – the management of both the internal client participants and the project consultants and contractors.
  • Communication – managing communication between project participant, stakeholder and managing documentation flow.
  • Risk management – as all projects are inherently risky, the management of risk is a key discipline through all project phases.
  • Procurement management – to bring together the right parties with the most appropriate commercial structures including contract advice and tendering.
  • Project integration – activities to ensure that all of the separate activities come together as one.